Toltoys NZ Vintage Star Wars Cardback Matrix

During the early years of Star Wars mini-action figures, specifically 1978–1982, when many licensed Star Wars toys were being bought into the country by Toltoys NZ Ltd (read about the Toltoys company history here), imported figures were sometimes packaged on locally printed cards in kiwi factories. The printing of the New Zealand cardbacks was presumed to be done using slightly different processes and/or equipment and using slightly different cardboard than their US equivalents, making them quite unique to our country.

Star Wars mini-action figures packaged on 12- and 20-back cardbacks featured the Toltoys logo on the front, and were also released in Australia and to a lesser extent some Asia-Pacific countries including Singapore. Figures packaged on 21-, 32-, and 48-backs are unique to NZ and are identifiable based on their sizing, card shape/hole punch, and print quality – read full details of the card characteristics in our Vintage New Zealand Action Figure Cardbacks article.

The following matrix shows the characters known or likely to exist for each cardback. The matrix will be updated as any new evidence comes to light – if you have a photograph of any of the unconfirmed figure+cardback combinations, please contact us.

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