New Book – SWNZ Guide To Toltoys NZ Vintage Star Wars Action Figure Cardbacks

A new SWNZ Guide book is out now and available through Amazon.

A comprehensive guide for collectors and fans of the Vintage Star Wars action figures and the cardbacks they were packaged on, that were released specifically in New Zealand during the Original Trilogy era (1977-1983).

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The cardbacks of vintage Star Wars action figures are a big part of the vintage nostalgia phenomenon, with their bold logos and famous chrome “racetrack” border. These packaging items are, in fact, often seen as collectibles in their own right. During the early years of Star Wars mini-action figures, when many licensed Star Wars toys were being bought into New Zealand by Toltoys NZ Ltd, imported figures were sometimes packaged on locally printed cards in kiwi factories, resulting in unique collectibles that differed from the rest of the world.

This unofficial guide introduces the history of Star Wars in New Zealand, and covers the relationship between Toltoys NZ Ltd and its United States and Australian counterparts. A chapter is dedicated to each of the main categories of New Zealand Star Wars action figure cardback packaging, including Star Wars Toltoys Logo cardbacks, New Zealand 21-back, 32-back, and 48-back cardbacks, with 90 colour photos to illustrate key features and differences from the Star Wars packaging seen in the United States and elsewhere. Includes detailed info to help you identify and collect Toltoys NZ cardbacks, with a full character/cardback matrix, along with new photos of very rare specimens.

This book is for you if:

  • You’re familiar with, and a fan of, Toltoys Star Wars products in New Zealand.
  • You’re a fan of vintage Star Wars figures, and want to know about the unique New Zealand versions.
  • You’re a fan of vintage Star Wars figures, and love the vintage backing card designs.
  • You’re a fan of Star Wars in general, and want to learn about New Zealand-specific collectibles!

Stay tuned for details of more SWNZ Guides on different New Zealand Star Wars collectibles topics!

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