Jabba the Hutt 2oz Chibi Silver Coin from NZ Mint

For May the Fourth 2023, a mega-sized 2oz Jabba the Hutt Chibi coin is the 30th release in the Star Wars Chibi series of legal tender silver coins from NZ Mint (check out our full coverage of this series here). This double-size Chibi coin is limited to just 999 coins, and comes packaged in an additional display case that marks it as a Star Wars Day Special Release.

May the Fourth Be With You! Celebrate Star Wars™ Day with a MEGA Chibi® Coin featuring Jabba the Hutt™. Minted from a mighty 2oz of pure silver (let’s face it, Jabba needs a big coin!) it has been uniquely coloured and shaped to show the infamous crime lord in all his grotesque glory. The back of the coin displays the Public Seal of Niue, confirming it is legal tender.

It is officially licensed by Lucasfilm and has a worldwide release of just 999 coins, making it a very limited-edition collectible!

Each piece is securely held in place by a clear, acrylic capsule which not only protects the coin from damage but allows easy viewing of both sides of the coin. It is then nestled in a high-quality, themed case, that features imagery of Jabba the Hutt and the Star Wars Day logo. A large window is included so you can show off your piece! A Certificate of Authenticity and the coin’s unique number in the limited mintage can be found on the back. The box has then been placed in a click-close acrylic display case – so you can keep this extraordinary piece in perfect condition! A label reinforcing the coin as a 2023 Star Wars Day special release is displayed on the front.

You can read our 2017 interview with Brent Hindman, head of sales and marketing at NZ Mint, to glimpse behind the scenes of their design and manufacturing processes related to the NZ Mint Star Wars coin collections, and check out all of our NZ Mint coverage under the NZ Mint tag.

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