21 Years of SWNZ

A bit of trivia for the day – SWNZ first saw the light of day on the internet 21 years ago. The website and social media network has undergone a lot of change and growth over the years and has enjoyed success because of the support and involvement of a passionate community.

The goal of SWNZ is to support all Star Wars hobbies in New Zealand, and to keep kiwi fans informed of Star Wars news as seen from a local perspective. We have specific content categories for Star Wars collectibles over the years that are unique to New Zealand (NZ Collectibles), and to record the involvement of kiwi actors, authors, artists and film crew who have played a role in creating official Star Wars media and content (NZ Celebrities).

Here are all the different ways you can follow SWNZ to keep up to date with local news and hang out with the kiwi Star Wars fan community:

Many thanks to our audience, new and old – without the support of fellow local fans we wouldn’t be where we are today 🙂

Here’s a flashback to one of our earliest articles, migrated from an older version of the website, and a screen-cap as it was first seen online in 2001.

SWNZ 2001 Screen-Cap

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