What’s Your Favourite Collectible?

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I originally had 5 of these Lukes which I got about 7 years ago. I found them at a model shop and they were on sale only $3.00 each for the Lukes. Wow, what a bargain – I should have been smarter and brought the lot, but I brought 5. I sold one last year on Trade Me so now I only have 4.

I had a bit of a Luke production line going on when I was putting them together – once I had put the top and bottom halves together I filled them with plaster to give them some weight and also to give them better strength because the vinyl models don’t really like sunlight or much heat and they can wilt over time. I got a bit creative and painted 2 black to resemble a turning to the dark side Luke. I painted 2 the same as the box and 1 White that’s the full-on-Good-side-of-the-Force Luke. I had a lot of fun putting them together and the lesson here is “when you see a bargain like this one buy out all they’ve got and hold on to them for a few years”.

Contributed by Daniel R.

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