SWNZ Enters Its Fourth Year

The third birthday of SWNZ in its current format almost caught me by surprise. Time flies – it seems like only yesterday we were in the middle of the Episode 3 flurry. Things have slowed a little in this arm of the Star Wars galaxy, ranted, but there is still plenty of fan interest in the multitude of Star Wars-related hobbies, and its great to still have a steady flow of contributions to the SWNZ website. I think we’ll find plenty to participate in and report on over the coming year – rumours have it, for instance, that the Armageddon convention associated with the 30th anniversary of Star Wars (next year) will have a particularly strong original trilogy flavour. And back here at SWNZ central, a few changes have been made, and a few new ideas put into place, to make sure the momentum persists to carry the website on through the 2007 celebrations, to the anticipated TV series, and beyond. Not least of all, expect to see a good run of SWNZ competitions over the next few months, with plenty of opportunity for reader contribution (check out competition 21 to win Commander Cody and Utapau Clonetrooper figures).

And, as per usual for editorial entries such as this one, I’d like to highlight and thank the SWNZ sponsors: AriseSirToy.co.nzReelCollectibles.co.nzFishpond.co.nz, and GPStore.co.nz. Your support of these sponsors when making Star Wars and related purchases not only indirectly assists SWNZ’s longevity, it ensures the ongoing availability and accessibility of such Star Wars products in the New Zealand marketplace. That’s a win-win situation for everybody!

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