Temuera Morrison in Hyperspace

Renown and respected New Zealand actor Temuera Morrison gets a mention in the Hyperspace section of the Official Star Wars website. You need to be a subscriber of the Hyperspace service (a one-year subscription is US$19.95, or use the monthly option for US$3.95 per month) to read the full article, but to tempt you down that path, here is a taste of the reference to Tem in Episode 3 (warning…watch out for spoilers): “…Lucas approved a digital head of Temuera Morrison, shown side-by-side with a still of the Māori actor as Commander Cody… As it stands right now, Episode III has several named clone commanders, all played by Temuera. …in hair and makeup explorations last summer, Morrison had a number of looks developed. Some had subtle scars while others had more pronounced differences, like a milky damaged eye or white streaked hair… As described in previous Post Notes, ILM’s helmetless clone model can dial in different percentages between Temuera Morrison‘s features and Bodie Taylor‘s face”.

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