New Mandalorian Classic Coin Line from NZ Mint

New Zealand Mint have just launched a new legal tender Star Wars classic coin line, which will feature characters from The Mandalorian. The classic coin collections from NZ Mint come in 1oz silver, 1/4oz gold, and 1oz gold versions for each design. For the first release in the Mando Classic Coin line, featuring Din Djarin as seen in season one of The Mandalorian, the 1/4oz iteration of the coin has a slightly different image, with a more zoomed in version of the depiction. Mintages are limited to 5,000 silver coins, 500 1/4oz gold coins, and 250 1oz gold coins. Each coin comes in an acrylic holder within a Star Wars: The Mandalorian-themed display and storage box.

Note: NZ Mint is taking orders for these and other coins in their range, but will not ship until after September 15th when Auckland

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