Mando Spoiler Chat – How To Join In

The Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer

Want to join in conversations with other kiwi fans about episodes of The Mandalorian as soon as it finishes screening on Friday nights? Although we stick with a specific spoiler policy in the SWNZ Facebook Group, if you head over to the Twitch livestream channel of the SWNZ admin team (, we’ll be running through some Star Wars: The Old Republic content in the background while we discuss the just-screened episode. Spoilers are allowed in the chat channel. Check out the stream from last week on Twitch (available for 1 more week) or YouTube.

The stream starts about 5 minutes after the Friday night installment concludes. Subscribe to VillaVarykino on Twitch for notifications, and/or tune in to the SWNZ Facebook Group, where we’ll let you know just before we go live.