Auckland Armageddon 2020; Preview Night

From the preview night this evening (Friday 23rd October) through Monday (26th October), Armageddon Expo will be celebrating its 25th anniversary with a pop culture convention that, thanks to the success we’ve had managing pandemic conditions in New Zealand, is likely one of the largest events of its kind taking place in the world at the moment.

Because of the challenges arranging celebrities visitors at the moment, at a lull in the theatrical release of new movies, things will be run a little differently this year. When it comes to movie and television guests, the majority will be running panels remotely, but interactively, and the line-up includes a few Star Wars guests:

  • Sunday 25th October 10am – Virtual Star Wars panel with Ian McDiarmid
  • Monday 26th October Noon – Virtual Star Wars Clone Wars panel with Ashley Eckstein

Although we’ll also notice a little bit of a drop in the numbers of retail booths, this has been compensated for with additions of other fun elements like the Armageddon Arcade, and plenty of the fun regular stores are represented (like Mighty Ape, and Poster Worx). There are also many great, smaller independent booths that have fun and interesting Star Wars products – check out the lightsabers at Techtonic Workshop, bags and wallets at Cobalt Height, a range of toys at Retro Space, and the fabric crafts at HemmingBird, to name a couple that caught our eye.

And of course, keep an eye out for plenty of Star Wars representation by cosplayers, including the local contingents of the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion, who will be fundraising for Blind Low Vision NZ Guide Dogs.

Grab your tickets in advance through iTicket here, and keep an eye on SWNZ for more photos and reports as the weekend progresses.

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