Tantive IV Corridor Playset for 3.75″ Figures

The Hasbro Pulse Fan Friday event featured announcements about a lot of new Star Wars 3.75″ scale action figures and accessories, including this very cool Tantive IV Blockade Runner hallway playset. It has a modular design that allows multiple sets to be linked together, with one side representative of the corridor Darth Vader enters through in Star Wars EpIV, and with the other side being the room where Princess Leia transfers the Death Star plans into R2-D2.

This diorama backdrop is scheduled for release in January 2021. There is a chance this will show up with local retailers, but if you want to preorder it now to ensure you can add one of more to your Star Wars figure displays, here are some good options that have it listed already.

Tantive IV Corridor Playset