Updated 2020 Armageddon Expo Dates

As we get a little more clarity as to how the Covid-19 pandemic will progress and be managed in New Zealand, the organisers of the Armageddon Expo pop culture events have updated the schedule for conventions through the rest of 2020.

  • Christchurch, July 18-19th
  • Wellington, August 1st-2nd
  • Tauranga, July 25-26th
  • Auckland, October 23rd-26th

Although there are good reasons to think New Zealand will make good progress in terms of controlling transmission in the community, the risk associated with people entering the country from overseas is definitely harder to predict. On this basis, Armageddon Expo have posted the following:

With the current global situation, it is our belief that even if things return to normal in NZ, that until the world (primality America really) has Covid-19 under control, we are not going to see international guests travelling to NZ.

Towards this our plan is that we will be hosting ‘Virtual’ guests at the Auckland event primarily, with our hope that we can have some truly magnificent guests beamed into the event main stages to interact with Kiwi fans. We would be looking to cover all forms of shows and movies, with Animation, Comics, Gaming, TV and Movie guests to appeal to all NZ fans.

The idea behind this is to bring more, not less to the event and work with restrictions that we will all have to deal with.

Keep up to date with more details on the Armageddon Expo website.

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