Star Wars Holiday Themed Mugs

Star Wars Christmas Themed Darth Vader and R2-D2 Mugs at EB Games

These Star Wars holiday themed mugs are available at EB Games. Perfect for fans who love quirky ‘ugly’ Christmas sweater designs, but can’t wear them in the New Zealand summer heat! Choose from a Darth Vader or  the R2-D2 mug, with little Christmas touches like candy canes and snowflakes in the printed knitted sweater-style design.

“I find your lack of faith cheer disturbing” – Darth Vader

Get festive and cheerful with this Darth Vader Christmas Sweater mug!

There’s certainly a lot to celebrate at the year’s end then. Do it in style with this R2-D2 Christmas Sweater mug!

The Darth Vader mug is currently on sale for NZ$15.00 each, while the R2-D2 mug is priced at NZ$19.00 each. EB Games can ship nationwide, or check your local store.

Star Wars Christmas Themed Darth Vader Mug at EB Games Star Wars Christmas Themed R2-D2 Mug at EB Games

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