OppoSuit Star Wars 3-Piece Suit at Mighty Ape

OppoSuit Star Wars

If t-shirts aren’t enough to convey your passion for Star Wars through your wardrobe selections, you might consider the very unsubtle 3-piece Star Wars suit from OppoSuits. Available now at Mighty Ape in sizes 36-50, for $169.99 each ensemble.

OppoSuits Star Wars Strong Force Suit

Are you looking for the latest fashion trend on Tatooine? Do you want to know what everybody is talking about on Naboo? Wear this official Star Wars™ suit from OppoSuits and the Force will show you.

  • We’ve created the perfect 3-piece suit for gentlemen who don’t take themselves too seriously. Worn to be wild!
  • We deliver the full package. Our suits comprise a full 3-piece set with a jacket, pants and a tie.
  • We are practical guys like you, so all of our suits are machine washable. Ain’t that a nice


  • Our suits are packed in a slick white retail box. Perfect as a gift
  • High quality fabric, branded lining, real pockets, belt loops, buttons…

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