Fan Spotlights

Star Wars fans… we want to hear your story! Send in photos of your collection or other Star Wars hobby and tell us about your fandom and passion, and we’ll post it here on SWNZ.

In our Fan Spotlight articles, New Zealand Star Wars fans share photos of their collection, costumes, or other hobbies (models, gaming, etc), and tell a little bit about themselves and their interest in Star Wars, being as brief or as detailed as they like. If you want to show off your fandom, be it big or small, rare, interesting, or completist, email us to send in your photos (anywhere between 2 and 10) and story (anywhere between one and a few paragraphs), or if you have any questions about submitting your story. Please indicate in your submission if you don’t want your full name used, and/or would like to be credited by pseudonym.


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