Rebels Season 3 Continues

Part 2 of Star Wars: Rebels season 3 screens in New Zealand from Friday 13th January, on SkyTV’s DisneyXD channel (7pm). The season re-commences with a 2-part episode, “Ghosts of Geonosis”, screened as a one hour special – it will be broadcast in the US this weekend, so it’s not too long a wait for kiwis. In the meantime, the finale episode of the first half of the season, “Visions and Voices” (episode 9, screened in the US on December 10th) will show on SkyTV’s DisneyXD channel this Sunday 8 January at 8:50am and 8:20pm.

  • Episode 9, “Visions and Voices”, SkyTV, DisneyXD Sunday 8 January at 8:50am and 8:20pm.
  • Episode 10 (part 1 & 2), “Ghosts of Geonosis”, SkyTV, DisneyXD Friday 13 January at 7pm.

An action packed trailer is available on the Star YouTube channel. It promises a lot of crossover with Rogue One characters and plot…and a much anticipated visit to Tatooine! Watch the trailer here, and check out a screen-cap gallery of the trailer below.

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