Fundraising – Gerald Home Autographs For Sale

To help cover the expenses of the SWNZ website, Return of the Jedi actor and friend of SWNZ, Gerald Home (Tessek/Squid Head and the Rebel Mon Calamari Officer in Episode VI) has donated some signed prints to sell to fans.

Three high-quality signed photo prints are available.

  1. Monochrome Mon Calamari line-up, 8″ x 10″, “Official Licensed Photography” (Official Pix) hologram seal. $20 + $3 shipping in NZ (will ship flat). These are some of the final prints Official Pix made which have the Star Wars sticker on them. SOLD OUT.
  2. Full-colour Tessek (aka Squid Head), 8″ x 10″. $20 + $3 shipping in NZ (will ship flat).
  3. Gerald Home convention photo-poster, featuring both Tessek and Mon Cal Officer, 12″ x 18″. $38 + $9 packaging and shipping in NZ (will ship rolled).

These autographed collectibles are quite rare in the southern hemisphere. E-mail if you would like to purchase one for your collection and to support SWNZ. NB: example images below are watermarked – the prints themselves are not watermarked.

ghomeauto01 ghomeauto02


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