New Planet Hot Wheels Cars at The Warehouse

Planet Hot Wheels Cars

The Warehouse has the latest line of Planet Hot Wheels cars from Mattel for $6 each. This mini-collection was only just recently confirmed in the US, and it looks like they are a Walmart exclusive over there. The eight vehicles in the series are:

  • Fast Fish (Mustafar™)
  • HW Pursuit (Endor™)
  • Pony-Up (Dagobah™)
  • Rapid Transit (Kamino™)
  • Rockster (Hoth™)
  • Silhouette II (Bespin™)
  • Torque Screw (Jakku™)
  • The Vanster (Tatooine™)

hotwheels_planetcars2 hotwheels_planetcars3

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