Vintage Wrapping Paper, Hallmark Cards NZ Ltd


Hallmark Cards NZ Ltd has held the license to produce Original Trilogy themed products a couple of times in its history. In 1983/84, in conjunction with Hallmark Cards Australia Ltd, they made available a range of Return of the Jedi¬†greeting cards and wrapping paper. Information available suggests that the range was identical in both countries, but branding information on some items indicates that a proportion of the merchandise was made specifically for the New Zealand market. Those who were around in the early ’80s will likely remember the quite common ROTJ wrapping paper that featured characters and costumes unique to that third movie; the greeting cards available at the time made use of the same images on this gift wrap, as well as other movie scenes and montages.

Steve Sansweet’s Tomart’s Price Guide indicates that Hallmark New Zealand held it’s own license, independent from Australia, to release cards, invitations, stickers and wrapping paper in NZ, Rarotonga and Fiji, in 1995-1997.


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