Countdown Cosmic Shells Movie Box


Countdown Supermarket’s Star Wars Cosmic Shell campaign is proving very popular – a large proportion of New Zealand Star Wars fans of all ages are collecting the trade-able “Shells” at one level or another (if you’re looking for trading partners, check out the SWNZ Message Boards). A couple of associated products are available to purchase – a Blister Album to contain and store your Shells, and the $3 “Movie Box” hologram projector device.

MovieBox_01 MovieBox_02

The Movie Box is a small DIY cardboard project that you punch out and assemble by way of a simple tabs-and-slots approach. The top of the box is open, and accommodates a smartphone with its screen facing down into the unit. With a Cosmic Shells app installed on your smartphone (Apple iTunes and Android versions available) a movie image is projected on to a 45 degree reflective screen to give the appearance of a floating hologram. 8 movies are “collected” by scanning specific Cosmic Shells using the smartphone app. Each features a classic vehicle from the Star Wars universe that rotates and zooms to detail features of the spaceship/vehicle, with accompanying narration and music. Once each of the 8 Cosmic Shells has been scanned, it is unlocked in the app, and as such doesn’t need to be re-scanned each time. It’s all a cute little novelty concept, worth checking out once or twice…but not necessarily a gimmick that’ll hold your attention over time.

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MovieBox_04 MovieBox_05


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