SWNZ News Digest – Celebration Europe Day 2


A lot happened at Celebration Europe overnight, in terms of announcements and news. Here are some of the key upcoming events.

  • Rebels season 3 has lots of exciting reveals, not least of all the official inclusion and canonisation of Grand Admiral Thrawn – check the trailer here.
  • Speaking of that sinister Chiss, Timothy Zahn is back in the Star Wars novel business, with a book simply entitled ‘Thrawn’. Coming out April next year – the announcement is on the Del Rey Facebook page here.
  • The Battlefront game will include Rogue One content (in a Scarif planetary expansion), but also a Death Star expansion – check out the amazing trench run footage in the Youtube clip here. Also, for those who missed it a couple of days ago, EA announced that the new single-player mode ‘Skirmish’ will be available this coming week – announcement and details here.
  • ILMxLAB’s virtual reality experiment Trials on Tatooine is coming to Steam, and that team is working on more material, centered around Darth Vader – read more at StarWars.com.
  • MMO Star Wars The Old Republic is coming up on its 5th birthday. At Celebration, and the associated Cantina Tour presentations in London, EA released an infographic (click here) and a celebration video (click here) which includes teaser information for the next story expansion: Knights of the Eternal Throne.
  • The official Star Wars youtube channel has started uploading full main stage presentations such as ‘An Hour with Mark Hamill’ – check the full list of available vids here.


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