Buy, Sell, and Trade on SWNZ

A while ago now, we moved the ‘classified advertisements’ section of SWNZ over to a dedicated subsection on the SWNZ Message Boards. That subforum works well as a market within the local Star Wars community, but there are a few suggestions to get the most out of your transactions.

  • Make yourself known. People are more likely to trade with active members of the SWNZ community than with persons who sign up just to post a quick ‘for sale’ thread.
  • Good, large, high-quality photos will always help items to sell, particularly compared to text-only descriptions.
  • Name your price. Although perfectly optional, saying what you want to sell something for will get more responses than just asking for offers.
  • When selling individual items from a large collection of for sale collectibles, an itemised list will garner more responses than a generalised description asking buyers to contact you with their ‘wants’.

Visit the Buy, Sell, and Trade subforum here, and check out the ‘Tips & Tricks for Buying and Selling’ post here.

You can also use the SWNZ Facebook Discussion board to list classified advertisements for Star Wars collectibles.

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