Star Wars Costuming in NZ

Star Wars Costuming NZ

Star Wars costuming as a hobby has really grown in New Zealand in recent years, especially with local conventions like Armageddon Expo providing opportunity and exposure. If you are interested in making your own costume, or just learning more about the hobby, but don’t know where to start, there are a number of online resources, clubs, and websites that you will find useful.

Outpost 42 is the New Zealand garrison of the 501st Legion, the international costuming club that focuses on Imperial characters. You can follow them via their home page, forums, or Facebook page. The international 501st Legion website is

If your allegiance falls to the other side, the Naboo Outpost is the local contingent of the Rebel Legion – the “good guys” costuming group. Their forums can be viewed here, and/or you can follow their Facebook page.

There are also the Mandalorian Mercs – for mandalorian costumes, including Boba and Jango Fett, mandos from the expanded universe and original mando character costumes. New Zealand is part of the Sandhawk Clan, covering NZ and Australia. Find them online through their The Mandalorian Mercs website, Facebook page, or at Sandhawk Clan – for New Zealand members, covering NZ and Australia.

The following groups haven’t developed local New Zealand bases/outposts, but include and welcome members from New Zealand.

The Dark Empire – for sith costumers, including characters from the films, expanded universe, and original sith character costumes: website, Facebook page.

The Jedi Assembly – for jedi costumers, including characters from the films, expanded universe, and generic/original jedi costumes: website (although, at the time of writing, they have a membership freeze in place while they re-write their charter to optimise compliance with Disney’s Star Wars costuming policies).

The Galactic Academy was founded for children who love Star Wars costumes, but are too young to officially join the other clubs. They welcome any child under 18 years old, with any Star Wars costume. Whether their outfit is store bought or home made, imperial or republic, the Galactic Academy welcomes them all. New Zealand is part of the Alderaan Campus for members in NZ and Australia: website, Facebook page, The Galactic Academy Alderaan – for New Zealand members, covering NZ and Australia.

And finally, for unaffiliated or casual costuming discussion, check out the Costumes and Props section of the SWNZ Message Boards.

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