‘Star Wars Insider’ Magazine, no.159

Star Wars Insider issue 159

The latest issue of the Star Wars Insider magazine, issue 159, has just hit subscribers’ mailboxes in New Zealand. Again, this is days before it’s due to hit news stands in the US. This issue includes the following:

  • A tribute to Sir Christopher Lee
  • An 8-page interview with Ashley Ackstein on “The Return of Ahsoka Tano”
  • A short story prelude to the “Dark Disciple” novel
  • Part 3 of the “Dark Empire” comic retrospective
  • An exploration of Asajj Ventress’ character and backstory
  • …and more.

The current price is GBP40.50 for a year, consisting of 8 issues delivered to your door – at the current exchange rate each issue costs a little over NZ$11 (NB: the Titan Magazines website lists the usual subscription price as GBP43.99, but if you use this link, you get a discounted rate: code=WEB14). It’s a great magazine for all Star Wars fans with a wide range of articles, and we’re expecting it to include more Episode 7 content as we approach the release in December. With Disney’s wide plan for the new Star Wars films, comics and games, with even more on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to subscribe as we enter this new era of content.

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