Around the Web – Six Year Anniversary Celebration

The following announcement comes in from For the entire month of February, Yodasnews is celebrating its sixth anniversary, a milestone that is especially rewarding to our dedicated staff. As with previous anniversaries, we will give away TONS of amazing prizes for both casual readers and forum members, and there will be special events that will test your creativity, competitive trivia nights, and much more.

Some of the items up for grabs include: eFx Artist Proof Mark Hamill Signature X-Wing Prop Replica, Sideshow Commander Cody Legendary Scale Bust, Gentle Giant Darth Vader Statue as well as GG Mini Busts and Maquettes, Gift Certs to BBTS, Sideshow 12″ Lando Exclusive, Clone Wars Hasbro Figures, Target Exclusive Rancor, Hasbro Battle Packs and Exclusive Figures, FX Sabers and MR Mini Sabers, Bust Ups, Character Keys, T-Shirts and much, much more!

You can see these as well as other prizes right here and more will be added throughout the month. Of course, none of this could be possible without the generosity and support of our Anniversary Sponsors, so be sure to check them out on our prize page.

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