Death Star PC Case Mod

Death Star PC Case Mod

Star Wars themed computer or gaming consoles have shown up around the web from intermittently, but I recently received some pics and details about a clever and good-looking PC case in the form of the Empire’s ultimate battle station, that was made in NZ.

Derek explains his interesting build: “the Death Star is made from two old perspex lamp shades that I originally brought for building an R2-D2 (I still might build one, as I have 1 dome left). I had another dome which I cut the bottom off to make the channel around the middle then I cut the dish out and inverted it. I then drilled hundreds of 0.8mm holes to allow light and air out. Then I sprayed it with glue and added mirror glitter to give it texture, then masked painted it. There is an Imperial Logo cut in the back with a fan mounted inside to expel hot air.

The Star Destroyer was acquired from TradeMe along with a matching X-Wing and TIE Fighter. I had a friend of mine drill out the back and mount in 3 large LEDs, which are the power-on lights, and 4 small LEDs which are hard drive activity lights. Underneath it is the blockade runner, which is the power switch… touch it and the PC turns on.

Another friend of mine welded up a steel frame to hold the motherboard and power supply. All the cables run down through the steel pipe and out the back.

The base is made from MDF with black perspex glued on with a hidden DVD Rom.

Current specs are:
– Water cooled Intel Quad Core extreme
– DFI Lanparty Motherboard
– 6GB Ram
– 1x 500GB hard drive inside
– 1x 160GB hard drive in the base.”


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