Fan Spotlight – Shane Y

Hi, my name is Shane. I was 10 years old when Star Wars first showed here – my dad took me and when I looked up and saw that star destroyer take up all the screen… I was blown away and hooked forever. The years have come and gone, but when ‘Revenge of the Sith’ came to our shores, my passion for collecting was reignited. So much to collect! … but I decided to focus on one of my favourite characters: R2D2.

So, I have been steadily building my R2 collection, adding all the other droids I can find and sharing the joy of Star Wars with my kids (who are a good excuse to buy all those other collectables for). My most enjoyable piece would be the 15″ interactive R2D2 (original version) …the more recently released one I have is still boxed.

Recently I have found an awesome way to display them – in a rotating watch display case I got off TradeMe. I have 47 figures so far…R2s, R3s, R4s, R5s and the more recent R7s from the clone wars build-a-droid series; and to fill up blanks I have added the 2 legged protocol droids as well.

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