Where Science Meets Imagination Exhibition, Sydney

The Where Science Meets Imagination (WSMI) event is a traveling Star Wars museum exposition that has been moving around the US since October 2005. Although it won’t make it to New Zealand, its next stop, after Minnesota where it is currently running, will be the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney…given the rarity of such opportunities in this part of the globe, this is definitely close enough to consider trying to get over to from NZ!

The latest Powerhouse WSMI newsletter is out, and it includes the following trivia about the exhibition:

  • This is the first exhibition to combine costumes and props from all six films with real-world technologies; video interviews with filmmakers, scientists and engineers; and hands-on components, including two large Engineering Design Labs, where visitors build and test speeders and robots?
  • Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination features more than 100 Star Wars artefacts and real world technologies along with videos and interactives.   – It was developed, designed and built from 2002 to 2005 at a cost of $5 million.
  • It took more than 100 people to create Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination – 60 from the Museum of Science, Boston, and its major contractors with the assistance of 25 people from Lucasfilm, Ltd., and Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) and 20 other experts.
  • The Powerhouse Museum is the first venue in Australia for this exhibition.

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