SWNZ’s 5th Birthday Today

Today marks Star Wars New Zealand’s fifth birthday, and we bring (virtual) birthday cake to share with all! For five years we’ve been delivering New Zealand Star Wars news to Kiwis, and have been celebrating the involvement of NZers and NZ collectibles in the wider Star Wars universe. It’s been an interesting year so far, with key events such as SWNZ’s involvement in the establishment of the Star Wars Outer Rim Alliance… but things are just warming up in New Zealand, with the Clone Wars phenomenon certain to bring all sorts of hype, events, and merchandise.

I’ll also take this opportunity to highlight and thank first, all those who have contributed news items, event reports, and store updates for publication on SWNZ, and, second, the SWNZ sponsors: ReelCollectibles.co.nz, Fishpond.co.nz, and GPStore.co.nz, and IQToys.co.nz. Your support of these sponsors when making Star Wars and related purchases not only indirectly assists SWNZ’s longevity, it ensures the ongoing availability and accessibility of such Star Wars products in the New Zealand marketplace.

Stick with us, and we’ll keep reporting the Star Wars news that is relevant to you!

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