Gerald Home ROTJ Dialogue Redux

Most SWNZ readers will be familiar with the series of articles we did in conjunction with Return of the Jedi actor Gerald Home (Squid Head and Mon Calamari Officer) back in 2004 (see below). In the conclusion of that trilogy of stories, we revealed script pages containing dialogue between Gerald’s Mon Calamari officer character and Admiral Ackbar, in the space battle scenes of Return of the Jedi… conversation that didn’t make it into the theatrical release of the movie. Interestingly, if we take a look at the Marvel comic adaptation, and the novelisation by James Kahn, which were published before the film debuted, we can see portions (in the comic), or the entire dialogue (spread over a number of pages in the novelisation), of the interaction between Ackbar and his Mon Cal officer/aide as they were originally intended. The second of the above images contains¬†this particular content (thanks to Paul Rowley who bought the information about the comic adaptation content to our attention, via Gerald Home).

Read the Gerald Home interviews here.

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