Collector Spotlight – Fred Corrotea

Fred’s the name and I’ve been collecting since POTF2 came out back in ’94 (or was it ’95?) Any hows, I recently took advantage of the high kiwi dollar a few months back and started to put together a ROTS – Darth Vader mannequin. It stands at around 195cm (including boots) and is my pride and joy of my collection. I’ve only just started to upgrade it with the addition of a Master Replica ROTS Vader Helmet which will need to go onto a more mucular mannequin and more stable armour seeing as I’m currently using the rubies Supreme Edition version.

In addition I also picked up an ESB Force FX Lightsaber which Vader should never be without.

Included are some random shots of my ‘now’ smaller collection (most figures are now in storage as I need more space).

Will keep ya updated as soon as more upgrades arrive.

May the Dark Side be with you.


As promised I’ve taken some new shots of my ROTS Darth Vader mannequin which is now sporting the following upgrades: Master Replicas ROTS Darth Vader helmet; new 2-tone (black/charcoal grey) fiberglass armour from The Star Fortress; Philippines leather gloves; aluminum belt buckle; AgLok cape chain.

Future upgrades: chest box mod (replace plastic rods with aluminum ones); leather cod (coming soon); new, longer, flexible arms (coming soon); fiberglass shin guards.

Included are some pics of my new Kotobukiya Snap together statues which look amazing, and some new shelving units I had installed over the Christmas break.

Contributed by Fred Corrotea.

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