Review – Star Wars Figurine Collection no.30

The latest issue of ‘Star Wars: The Official Figurine Collection‘, from DeAgostini, is on the shelves of bookstores as I write. This fortnight’s edition features a metal AT-AT vehicle…probably one of the largest to be offered with this part-works magazine (75mm tall, but also 85mm long), so it kind of jumped out at me compared to other recent releases. Although the sculpting of this metal figure collection has been fairly good to date, some of the hand-painted finishes have been a little inconsistent in quality. The decor of the AT-AT is such that it comes off well when painted up in the style of this line though – the weathered military-grey armour, with details highlighted using subtle contrasts, make this issue worth getting even if you are not a collector of the whole series. The sculpting too is worthy of mention – small details like the shock-absorbing pistons on the inside of each ankle, for instance, are actual separate components.

You can read the full description of this magazine’s format in this earlier SWNZ article. The contents covered in this issue are as follows…

  • Heroes and Villains: Rebel Alliance founder, Bail Organa.
  • A Galaxy Far, Far Away: Tatooine spaceport, Mos Eisley.
  • Concepts: Communication methods – galactic languages.
  • Spaceships and Vehicles: Imperial AT-AT Walker (large, fold-out pages analyse this ground assault vehicle).
  • Droids: All-purpose worker – ASP labour droid.
  • Species and Beings: Peaceful environmentalists – Ithorians.
  • The Phenomenon: One character, two faces – Obi-Wan Kenobi.

It’s on the shelves of your local stationery shop now – but probably in limited numbers so go grab one today!

Next issue comes packed with a jawa figure. Contents advertised for that magazine include Tarfful the wookiee leader, Polis Massa mining settlement, wookiee weapons, V-wing starfighter, droideka, jawas, and “enhanced classics: special editions”.

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