What’s Your Favourite Collectible?

Well, this has to be about the slackest Star Wars collectible I have (besides an FX7 that my son shot with an air rifle and anything involving Jar Jar). Dead common, not very interesting, very worn, missing his saber, and his head is glued on with araldite. However, this Vintage Bespin Luke starred in a short movie I made in 2000 (although with Wynton Rufer’s face blue-tacked on), called “Soccer Wars”, which was enough to win me a trip to see the final of the FIFA Euro 2000 soccer tournament in Rotterdam, Holland, on July 2nd 2000.

Luke sits on a shelf above my desk, next to a bunch of other weird things, and every time I look at him I remember what winning that trip meant. It was my first and only trip to Europe (did Holland and London), and was the last time I took a decent holiday too. Sure, I’ve got a bunch of other things I really like, but money can’t buy what this Luke did (with a little help from me, granted). If I had to pick only one, then this is it.

Contributed by Robbie the Robot.

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