What’s Your Favourite Collectible?

Pick my favourite poster? That’s a hard one! But if you’re going to make me pick just one I think right now I’m going to have to say the ‘Spanish Style D’. I’ve always loved that poster since the first time I saw it (the US version). I never saw it at a theatre. The first time I saw it was in the 1980 Star Wars calender. I think that’s what started me on trying to find some of these cool posters. Then one day about four or five years ago I was talking to a poster dealer (at a comic con, in the USA), and I said something about the Type D that it was my favorite poster… he then asked me if I’ve ever seen the Spanish Version. I said that I hadn’t… well he pulled out a black and white picture of it and showed it to me,… and that was it… I might have paid a bit too much for it… oh well, I still think that its a killer version…

Anyway, it’s 27 x 39 inches, compared to the US version being 27 x 41 inches and reprints of the US version being 27 x 40 inches.

Contributed by Jeff L.

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