What’s Your Favourite Collectible?

My favorite collectible is my big silver space ship (‘EP1 Royal Naboo Star Ship’) that my dad got me for Christmas. It’s really special for lots of reasons, because my dad said it’s as old as me and its the biggest ship ever made. I first loved it when I saw one at a collectors thing (‘Christchurch Swap meet’) I have been asking my dad to get me one for 2 years and he kept saying they were hard to get. It’s extra special because my daddy got it from America and I was amazed.

Gali C (age 5 years)

I first saw this ship/playset at retail in about 1998 and wanted to buy it for Gali when he was in his mothers womb, but at the time there more important things to worry about with a baby coming. I was a collector when I was a kid, but most of my things were stolen in a burglary when I was 5, and regrettably the remainder were later sold in a garage sale. So when I saw a couple on ebay last year I had to get one for him.

Gali’s Dad

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