Star Wars Artists’ Guild

Star Wars Artists' Guild

Just over a year ago, a bunch of folks hatched a plan to create a website that would serve as an art resource for Star Wars Role Playing Gamers, essentially an online gallery of fan-produced SW art depicting the kind of stuff you won’t find anywhere else. This would be somewhere you can find pictures of obscure denizens of the SW Universe, from Twi’lek Sith Lords to Jawa Jedi, from Pa’lowick soldiers to shaved Ewoks.

Originally starting out with only a handful of contributing artists, among them Kiwi Weta Workshop Designer Daniel Falconer (under the web handle ‘Reverend Strone’), the Star Wars Artists’ Guild very quickly grew in size as new members flocked to join and post their work. A year on since its launch, SWAG now has a guild membership of over 55 contributors, mostly enthusiasts, but also some professional artists and a large number of regular non-guild member artists, all of whom have donated their art for free. The galleries are bursting with over 1600 pieces of art, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the galleries, you can post a request in the forums. If someone has time and interest in it, you’ll more than likely see it added to the galleries in due course.

Over the past year SWAG has become more than simply a resource for gamers, it has become somewhere for aspiring artists to post artwork and hang out with others of all levels of experience. Advice and feedback is available and encouraged, and a number of SWAGgers have even found freelance work through contacts made at the site and portfolios comprised of their SWAG art. What’s more, one need not by any means be a contributor to post on the SWAG forums, where SW and Art discussions are open to all and feedback is welcomed.

Go check it out here:

Daniel Falconer
(Images copyright Daniel Falconer).

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