Star Wars Galaxies Downunder

The following is a bit of an introduction from the crew over at SWG Down-Under.

We started a site called over a year ago to bring all NZ & Australian timezone players onto the same server in preparation for when Star Wars Galaxies went live (the local server is Valcyn, by the way).

It has been very popular, with over 550 registered posters at our forums and with the website getting 1750 visits per day.

If you have ever played a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) you will know why joining the same server is important. If not, then it may seem a little trivial…it is just so that when we log on we actually get to game with people in our timezone. Otherwise the servers can be really empty as the US is asleep, or full of non-English speaking players which is tough for grouping etc…

The founders of the site are a small group of gamers and Star Wars fans from Wellington (mainly ex-Everquest gamers).

The same group has also started their own Player Association called Soga Mijizi which is currently one of the largest (if not the largest) of its kind on the Valcyn Server. We closed recruitment when the game launched because we hit our initial cap of 150 registered members: we will re-open for recruitment in the next few weeks.

Soga Mijizi is basically a band of outlaws. We prefer the Rebels to the Empire but look out for our own skins first. There is honour amongst this brotherhood of thieves however, involving concepts such as honesty, loyalty and above all, the ability to keep a secret.

We are remnants of Booster Terrik’s crew who decided to use some of his old contacts to set up our ‘business’ on Rori.

We are not active PvPers (Player vs Player) but if you attack one of our members just be prepared for a reply… maybe not today, maybe not tomorow, but keep running because Soga Mijizi is watching.

Contributed by Azymis (aka Aron Sijbrant, Wellington).

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