Auckland Armageddon Expo 2001 Report

Auckland Armageddon Expo 2001 took place at the Aotea Centre over the weekend of 10-11 February. It was the first year that we had an SWNZ stand, run by Matt G and Jonny B, with support local from 501st stormtrooper Chris T, promoting the club and Star Wars fandom in New Zealand.

Although there were no Star Wars guests this year, there were many opportunities for Star Wars collectible shopping, and other sci-fi franchises were well represented in terms of guests including Teryl Rothery, Don S Davis, and Peter Williams  from Stargate SG-1; Virginia Hey from Farscape; Colin Baker and Katy Manning from Doctor Who; and  Ted Raimi and Kevin Smith  from Xena: Warrior Princess.


Thanks to Jonny Bloore for photo contributions.

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