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Re: Welcome!

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Welcome to the SWNZ, Star Wars New Zealand forums!

The mission of SWNZ and its message boards is to provide a supportive community for all Star Wars fans in New Zealand, and for international enthusiasts who have an interest in the Star Wars New Zealand universe. The primary rules of the SWNZ Message Boards are derived from these simple principles. They are brief and uncomplicated (but transgressions will be enforced with zero tolerance):

1: Personal attacks on individuals or groups, direct or indirect, are considered contrary to the SWNZ mission. SWNZ is a supportive community.
2: The posting of content or language deemed unsuitable for a general audience is considered contrary to the SWNZ mission. SWNZ is an inclusive community.

I'm sure no one will have any problems adhering to those axioms. Enjoy your stay!

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