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Tips & Tricks for Buying and Selling

Posted: Mon Mar 28, 2011 8:05 pm
by MattG
The following ideas come from experience and guidelines on other forums, and will hopefully help keep the SWNZ Message Boards an efficient and friendly trading community.

1. Your reputation is paramount - if you make a contract by way of forum post or private message, follow through in good time.
2. Respond and communicate promptly.
3. Make yourself known. People are more likely to trade with active members of the SWNZ community than with persons who sign up just to post a quick "for sale" thread. Introduce yourself in the Introductions thread, let other members get to know you by engaging in the topics that interest you, and follow-up on deals in the Trader Feedback thread.
4. Good, large, high-quality photos will always help items to sell, particularly compared to text-only descriptions.
5. Name your price. Although perfectly optional, saying what you want to sell something for will get more responses than just asking for offers.
6. When selling individual items from a large collection of for sale collectibles, an itemised list will garner more responses than a generalised description asking buyers to contact you with their "wants".

Please feel free to add suggestions below, and they will be incorporated into this first post accordingly.