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1974 Mego Ape Guard repair

Posted: Mon Oct 04, 2021 6:45 am
by AaroKin
I saw this damaged 8" Mego Ape Guard for sale on Trade Me and thought he'd make a good project while I'm on holiday.

When he arrived he was a little worse than expected (not an issue with seller, just very brittle) and he broke into twenty seven different pieces. His legs were the main issue as they seemed to crumble everytime I touched them but after a few hours of repair (and a bit of swearing) I managed to get them together. Unfortunately I did lose some points of articulation due the the fact the joints were just to far gone. One of his hip joints had to be fully replaced and once his arms were reattached his chest and back caved in, that took a lot of time to strengthen to take the movement of the arms.

I had to make replacement pants myself from material I found at Spotlight....after nearly an hour of searching lol. I made his bandolier out of the same material just to link the two together. His arm guards were hard to match because of the lizard skin design on his tunic so had to make do with the best I could.

I did find some boots at the variety shop that were a good match to the originals but decided to go for shoes because of the dodgy nature of his ankles.

All in all I'm real happy with the final outcome.....I know I could have just brought a better figure and not gone to all the hassle but now he's finished I really like him.