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 #25747  by MattG
 Fri Dec 11, 2020 2:49 am
A lot of Star Wars coming over the next few years. Pic attached. Will have a proper write-up on SWNZ shortly.

Who's looking forward to which of the announced series/films?
Screenshot (39).jpg
 #25748  by MattG
 Fri Dec 11, 2020 7:56 am
We've compiled an article with everything we learned about all the upcoming Star Wars movies and series in today's Investor Webcast, over on the WNZ website. Check it all out here: https://swnz.co.nz/2020/12/11/all-star- ... uncements/
 #25749  by cloneone44
 Sat Dec 12, 2020 12:23 am
WOW. What a Xmas present from Disney.

I was taking pleasure watching Kathleen Turner squirm a little promoting all these new programs/movies with story lines from George Lucas's era. Where's programs under her leadership? Around Ben Solo and how he turned, Ray "Skywalker' and how she grew up alone, Finn, Rose, Poe, General Hux???

Can't wait to see Rogue Squadron. The trailer with Patty Jenkins looks very interesting with her own story of her father, which hopefully with that enthusiasm and commitment will flow into the movie.

Bad Batch has been on the go for a while. Awesome. Can't say I was a fan of Andor but the story line in this looks intriguing and dark. Of course there's Obi-One. A darker side of this character to maybe?

More Volumes are being build around the world which should speed up production too.

Anyway, so much to take in and the next 5 years will be very VERY interesting for Star Wars fans.