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Star Wars CCG by Decipher

Posted: Fri May 22, 2020 1:57 am
by Mnsteens
The lockdown has been great, hasn't it? It forced me to search through my entire collection of Star Wars goodies! I have given much of it away (Hasbro, Comics and RPG books). I was torn, they bring back the best of memories, but I think they would be better going to kids who loved Star Wars like me and will read them, and maybe make collections of their own.

I have a good collection of Star Wars CCG. I have decided I would like to play again and complete a few sets . If anyone has cards, please be in touch. (I can provide my phone number or email if that is permissible?)

Equally, if you know of anyone who may have cards here in New Zealand, please help me to get in touch with them. Perhaps we can make a playgroup, or a museum!