WTB - mostly info.(playmates voltron)

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WTB - mostly info.(playmates voltron)

Post by Dawfydd »

I'd be very open to buying the new Voltron loins that combine into the 16inch voltron but i haven't seen them anywhere besides ebay, and for massive prices.

I'm not very wealthy so ideally i'd like to be able to grab a couple at a time kind of thing rather than the one lump sum payment.

HOWEVER mostly i just want to know if anyone has seen these overseas, or knows somebody who has, and what retail they are?

I just checked big bad toy store and their shippment is due this month, so perhaps New Zealand will get these, so if anyone see's them let me know i might also check retailers and ask myself later, but any help would be great i missed getting the set last time these were out the black lion we spotted once but never again back in 1980.

:) - oh and the series is half way between the Avatars, moments make it a little weaker due to forced humor in a series that could be more serious and run with it.
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