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 #25315  by AaroKin
 Fri Nov 01, 2019 8:08 pm
https://www.google.com/amp/s/collider.c ... ans/%3famp

I just read through this article about FP Jnr 'shutting down' toxic fans and it really annoyed me.....not just the things he said but in the way he put his ideas across. Just because an actor is in something doesn't automatically make them an expert, Bill Burr has stated he knows next to nothing about SWs.

He rants about fans not liking SWs because it hasn't aged with us but for me that's no way the case, having two younger children means I sit through my fair share of kids movies and I'm not embarrassed to say that nine times out if ten I really enjoy them.....a good story is a good story no matter what age it's intended for. I wasn't angry that Han gave the Falcon to a girl (did he though??? first it was stolen then Han was killed so I'm not 100% sure he 'gave' it to anyone) but seeing as FP Jnr is a somewhat self proclaimed Star Wars genius I'm sure I must be wrong and he's right.

One of the main reasons I like SWs is because so many people take so many different views on things.....not everything has to be black and white, if I want to cheer for the bad guy because he looks cool then that's totally my prorigative, yes I know the odds of him winning in the end are less than zero but to me I'd rather go into a movie with an open mind so I can enjoy it, after all it is just a movie.

FP Jnr, to me, comes off in his rant more of a toxic fan then the people he was trying to break down....I think it was more of an attention grabber than really having an issue with SWs. I'm sorry to tell him though that not a lot of people I talk to have even seen more than an episode or two of cartoon so his profanity filled garbage doesn't carry a lot of weight anyway.

Any film no matter what the genre can have great points and not so great but that's what makes being a fan so much fun.....the opportunity to discuss those things with people who enjoy the same things you do but for completely different reasons.

*Sorry for my FP Jnr rant haha*