WTB....Vintage 'beater' figure

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WTB....Vintage 'beater' figure

Post by AaroKin »

Hello there,

I'm not sure if anyone noticed the three headless vintage figure on Trade Me but I scooped them up as soon as I saw them lol They are Vader, Luke, and Leia all with Taiwan CCOs (I needed all three). They're actually in really good condition bodywise so after a little TLC they're make great additions to my vintage collection.

Now Vader and Leia came with heads so after a bit of a clean up I'll be able to attach them no problems.....unfortunately Luke's head has been lost so I have my fingers crossed someone will have a beater Luke (Farmboy) figure laying around that they're willing to part with. Any condition is fine as it's only the head I'm needing.

Thanks so much.....Aaron
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