FS: The Force Awakens black series unopened figures

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FS: The Force Awakens black series unopened figures

Post by BGR »

Hi there, I ended up buying 2 of every black series figure I got and now wanting to sell, mainly for the space. There's 10 figures here including Han Solo, Captain Phasma and the Flametrooper. My condition is that I really would rather just sell them in one go rather than divide them and that they need to be picked up from my home in Mt Wellington. I'm looking at $200 for the lot which I feel is a pretty decent deal considering it includes those 3 figures I mentioned earlier. I also have a Jango Fett that I might be willing to include, but it has been taken out of the box.

None of the boxes look to have any dents, atm they just have some dust on the boxes and maybe some light marks on the cardboard and plastic window from transportation etc.

Here's the list of figures:
Finn (jakku)
Rey (jakku)
Kylo Ren
First order Stormtrooper
Captain Phasma
Guavian Enforcer
Constable Zuvio
Han Solo

Also I have these opened but still come with boxes figures that I might want to sell too (all black series)
Jango Fett
2x first order stormtroopers
2x original trilogy stormtroopers
2x obi-wan kenobi
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Re: FS: The Force Awakens black series unopened figures

Post by Bazzack »

Hi. I've just seen this.
Did they sell?
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