Knights of the Old Republic 3

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Knights of the Old Republic 3

Post by Buzz Bumble » has a brief article Chris Avellone where he describes the abandoned Knights of the Old Republic 3 game ...

Avellone describes Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3

The third instalment that never was.

Speaking on the Eurogamer podcast, Obsidian Entertainment's Chris Avellone has described the final instalment in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series that was never greenlit for production.

Read the article here.

Or listen to the original Eurogamer podcast here.
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Re: Knights of the Old Republic 3

Post by Captainsolo1978 »

Shame- I loved the first two games.

Hopefully they will come out on PS3 or PS4

They were available on Xbox360
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Re: Knights of the Old Republic 3

Post by Dawfydd »

Because they went into Starwars the old republic mmorpg they kind of closed off a third game.

It's a shame but hopefully they make a game back in
As most of the "future" is going to be chopped and cut in ways we can't imagine.

As with The old republic kind of ended the sith storyline and revans fate was sealed.
Which was a shame, Would rather he not ended as a dungeon boss, it seems rather wasteful he could've at least been a raid(operation) boss or had gotten away after being freed from a raid, It seems like "TOR" made many poor choices with both story release date and releasing with bugs.
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