Knights of the Old Republic now on iPad

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Knights of the Old Republic now on iPad

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The game is now available for iPad owners (or at least some of them - I'm not sure what the minimum requirements are). This is from ...
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Now Available for iPad
Last week, news leaked that Bioware and LucasArts' Star Wars RPG Knights of the Old Republic would be coming to the iPad, and as of today, the game is available for download from the App Store.

IGN posted a review of the iPad game this morning, declaring the iPad's touch interface to be well designed, with the exception of movement, which requires guiding character movement with a finger on the screen.
The iPad's touch interface is largely an improvement over the original, save for a few reservations. First, the good: the pause-and-play combat works like a charm, letting you select your attacks and items quickly. It's pulled off beautifully.

Navigating the menus and sorting equipment is also made mostly better by the advent of touch controls, except for a few instances like the Powers menu in which the icons

If the new controls have one Achilles' Heel, though, it's in the movement. Running from place to place involves dragging and then holding a finger to guide your Jedi in the proper direction. This inevitably blocks a significant chunk of the screen with your hand, and worse yet, makes for awkward running in general.
Despite its minor control issues, IGN found the game to be a "must-play," rating it an 8.8 overall. Our sister site TouchArcade will also have a more extensive review of the gameplay available later today.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic can be downloaded from the App Store for US$9.99.
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Re: Knights of the Old Republic now on iPad

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Some reviews don't list the requirements - ipad 2 or later, ios6.0 or later. The cost on NZ iTunes is $13.99. I already own it for the pc, but I couldn't resist having a portable version :)
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