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 #8272  by MattG
 Tue May 29, 2012 3:05 am
kezzamachine wrote:Hi Matt - that would be awesome! I can get you any details you need...
Well, in the short term, just keep this thread up-to-date with any new or changed details, and I'll post the news accordingly. If it suits, I'll use your graphic from your first post above to try and spread the word a bit wider.
 #8729  by kezzamachine
 Thu Jun 28, 2012 3:51 am
Star Wars Miniatures enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes,

we have 9 days to go before The First Ever New Zealand SWM Tournament!

Tournament Details
Just so you have all the details in a handy place:

The First Ever New Zealand SWM Tournament
Date Saturday, July 7, 2012
Time 11am - 10pmish
Where New Zealand Art Schools, Simes Building, 61 Seaview Road, Lower Hutt!

Cost $10 ($5 will cover the venue, $5 will cover some prizes) and we'll buy some Pizza for dinner ($10, if you like)
What to Bring Minis, Maps, Snacks, Yo'self!
Tournament Contact Kerry Logan (that's me!), kezzamachine@hotmail.com, (04) 567 7967
Facebook Event - sign up, guys!

Tournament Rules 200pt squads, Faction + Fringe using the SWMGPA Floor Rules for Jan. 2012 (http://www.swmresources.com/), 1 hour-long games, Five Rounds of Swiss + a Top 4 Playoff

Legal Pieces All previously DCI-legal pieces, plus the new Virtual Set (or Vset) pieces (available at http://www.swmresources.com/ also) Email me if you have questions!

Legal Maps Refer the Jan. 2012 Map List in the rules and on http://www.swmresources.com/ - we will be using Restricted List Only - but if you haven't got one, email me and we'll talk.

Scoring System We'll use the 3-2-1 scoring system for the Tournament (3pts for an outright win, 2pts for a timed win, 1pt for scroing 100pt+ in a loss)

Tournament Judge/Organiser Kerry Logan (I won't be playing). I run the 'Save11' playgroup in Lower Hutt and Hawera and am a member of the SWM International Hall of Fame

If you don't know about Vsets or new maps, you can still bring a competitive squad from the Wizards of the Coast era and do fine! You'll just see some new things.

Order of Things on the Day!

I've had a little play around with our Timetable and it will look roughly like this:

11am Start time: Begin with Registrations
11:30 I will do an overview of Vsets/Restricted Maps for anyone who wants to have a final look over these recent additions to the game. We'll also do an informal Epic Duos Tournament. Registrations will continue.
12pm Official lunch break (BYO Food/Drink and there is a small fridge). We'll still take Registrations and finish some games of the Epic Duos until 12:30!
12:30 Introduction to the New Tournament main event: the 200pt Skirmish Tournament! I'll do a rules overview, plus a list of how I want to do things for the Tournament.

12:45 Round One
2pm Round Two
3:15 Round Thee
4:30 Round Four
5:45 Round Five

7pm Dinner Break
8pm 200pt Tournament Semis and Finals (going through till 10:15ish) and our informal Royal Rumble Tournament. (Plus there will be room for any number of informal games, trades etc.)

If you have any suggestions, considerations or additions, please contact me!

Playing, Watching, Trading...?

Throughout this day of Minis, you'll most certainly be playing, and doing a fair amount of watching but don't forget about two very important things:

Trading You may have pieces you want to say goodbye to and others you'd like to move into your SWM family - sort them out and bring them along! There may also be some minis for sale - if you want to buy some pieces, or sell some, bring them along, bring some dollars... it's all good.

Gasbagging... well, the whole day is more than just playing SWM. It's getting to meet and catch-up with players from across the country! This is a great chance to deepen those growing networks and strengthen the event for next year (and beyond).

Is there someone you know who should know about this? Who you want to bring along? Either forward this to them, or email me their details and I'll include them in on this!

happy preparations!
kez (kerry)
Mauri ora, mauri mate!